Two weeks with Max

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Max's first week was a hard one. For the first 5 days of his life he went to the doctor every single day. He had jaundice, so they had him supplement with formula to flush it out. However, we still had to take him in to get his bilirubin levels checked two more times. At one point he was so dehydrated and didn't have a wet diaper in 36 hours -- we were terrified! Within a few days, the formula did the trick and his levels went down from high risk to low risk.

Then he was circumcised. Then he had to get his one week blood tests. The poor kid was poked too many times in one week, and it was so hard for me! He is too little for so much trauma! And let me tell you, it was definitely traumatic. For everyone.

Despite the initial trauma, he really has been a good baby. He eats, plays, gets the hiccups, sneezes them away, and goes to sleep. Over and over and over again. He smiles in his sleep like it's his job. He is the cuddliest, sweetest boy. He loves to curl up in a tiny little ball, and when he does, his fuzzy head makes him look like a hedgehog (think croquet in Alice in Wonderland or Sonic).

Probably my favorite thing about having a baby is watching Craig obsess over him. BIG time. I guarantee you that he hasn't said the word "cute" so many times in his lifetime. In fact, he probably said "cute" more times in Max's first day of life than he said it in his entire lifetime. He makes up songs for him, smothers him with kisses, forces him to dance, and flies him around the house like Peter Pan. He was born to be a dad.

And now for a slew of pictures because I can't narrow it down because his little face changes so much so quickly!

 2 days old
 2 days old
Born to be a dad 
 3 days old
 5 days old
 1 week! He already looks so different!
 Clearly LOVING his bath time

 Craig turned 30! 
 Happy birthday Craig!
 11 days old
 Happy baby dreams
Swooooon. Smiling boys.


  1. Oh he is so handsome! What a perfect little baby!!

  2. Okay you made cry. Love you all!!!