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Octobers are generally fantastic (hello, birthday), and this year was no exception.

We drove up to Sedona to meet Broc & Kim at Slide Rock. Friends came to town. Craig had his first interview. We drove to California and saw friends at the beach. We celebrated my 24th birthday with Snooze and German chocolate cake. We took Max to Utah on his first flight. We visited with old friends and college friends. And we went to the temple to see friends get sealed. 

Max turned 3 months in October, and boy, it seems like those 3 months both flew by and lasted a lifetime. It's hard to remember life before Max. I am constantly in awe over how much I love being his mama, considering how I was terrified of babies most of my life. But he is so much a part of me that it almost feels like we were destined to be together from the start.

He is the happiest little babe, and I'm so glad he's mine.

 Slide Rock State Park (of course we didn't get any pictures with Broc & Kim)

Can you even believe this is how he wakes up in the morning?!

Newport Beach with Erin & Kyle (and of course no picture evidence) 

Max had a rough weekend in CA but was happy as a clam to be back home. So happy that he learned to roll over!

Survived our first flight (to Provo)! Max had so much fun with Grandma while we went to the temple

Westy got married

Max met my college roommates and Jeru pals and had everyone swooning