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November was another busy month for us. Craig had three interviews so he was traveling almost every weekend (luckily we were able to join him in Texas). We spent as much time together as we could. We celebrated our second anniversary with a nice dinner with our favorite third wheel. Craig held Max in his arms as we ate and talked about our life together, and I literally started weeping in the middle of the restaurant. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and love for these two. I can't believe how blessed we are. 

Max hit 4 months at the end of November and according to the charts (or my interpretation thereof), he is growing WAY too much, WAY too fast. He is 15 lbs 6 oz (50%) and 27 inches (100%)! He loves to practice sitting up and even more, standing. He giggles once in a blue moon, and it is the sweetest sound in the world. He is so happy, sleeps 8-9 hours at night, and is the most pleasant babe to be around. I absolutely adore hanging out with him all day and miss him whenever we are apart. Even though no one else gets it, we think he is the funniest little person and laugh at everything he does. 



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We found out last minute that Craig didn't have to go into his rotation for Thanksgiving, so we headed up to Utah for the holiday! We left as soon as he got off on Tuesday and drove all night to Cedar (next time we are definitely waiting until morning to leave). We spent half our time in Cedar and the other half in St. George.

Jennie and her family drove up from Texas, and Sean and his family flew in from Connecticut! My aunt Pam conveniently just bought a house across the street from my parents, and so we filled both houses up with Prince kids. It was a BIG deal that three of us were together in Texas, and an even bigger deal that three of us were together at my parents' house only three weeks later! 

I was feeling extra grateful this Thanksgiving for my family. Boy do I miss my people when we are apart. It is no fun being spread across the country. There is probably no better feeling than when all 7 of us are together, and it has happened only once in the last 4 years. We are all super excited for next summer when we'll finally all be together for the Prince-Markham wedding! We are SO happy for Steve and excited for Melissa to join our family!
The Gobbler: Princes ran the 10k, 5k, and the 1k... and of course we ran the 1k.

Keeping warm in his wild thing hat from Aunt Kim and bear suit from Aunt Jennie

Pretty sure Max came in first for his age division

Max and cousin Landon (4 & 8 months... Max was bigger!)

Max and cousin Carly (4 & 6 months... Max was bigger!)



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Craig is in the middle of interviewing for residencies. He has four down and three to go! One of the places where he was invited to interview was Denison, Texas, which is about an hour north of Jennie and Steve in Dallas. When I was buying plane tickets for Craig, I saw that they were $82 ROUND TRIP (!!!!), so OBVIOUSLY Max and I had to tag along.

It was a blast. I absolutely love getting to see my family. We stayed with Jennie's family and got to spend time with Steve and Melissa after work. They took us to eat the world's best ice cream (Braum's) and some delicious tacos (Torchy's). Max was an angel all week and loved [getting smothered by] his cousins. He actually slept 10 hours a night there, which I take as a sign we need to move to Texas because he does not sleep that long for me in Phoenix!

We really loved the feeling of Texas. Who knows? Maybe you'll see us there in 2016.