Prince girls in Phoenix!

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There is nothing that makes me feel like a million bucks like being with the Princes. My parents really created something magical by giving us our identities as "Prince kids." It may seem weird to everyone else, and it's really hard to describe, but being a Prince kid has shaped my life and created the strongest bond to my family. We love each other and we love being with each other. We geek out about all our "Prince things" that make us Princes, like cinnamon rolls, ebelskivers, ice cream, and Newsies. And nobody "gets it" like the rest of the Prince kids do.

Being stranded in Arizona with no family here, I was ecstatic when the Prince girls decided to come visit! Aubrey had a work event at The Phoenician, so naturally Jennie and my mom had to fly out too. We played at the luxurious pool all week long when we weren't busy eating our weight in ice cream, shopping for baby things, or hiking Camelback.

I'm not really sure what's going on here, but I love it
 That's our resort! ---------^
It was practically our private pool. And they served us right at our lounge chairs. 

On the last day of her event, Aubrey ushered us into the Mom 2.0 Summit to check it out, and she walked us around to a few booths. The Safety 1st booth fell in love with me when they found out I lived in Phoenix, because apparently they didn't want to ship home a lot of their merchandise after the event... so they literally HANDED me hundreds of dollars worth of baby stuff. I am talking FREE stroller and car seat, amongst other goodies. Yep, you read that correctly. FREE travel system. Once I had obtained the stroller, I was loaded up with tons of other baby goodies and walked away with two big boxes full of baby essentials. I seriously am still overwhelmed that that happened.

It was the best four days with the best people. I feel so complete when I'm with my family. And not only that, but also loved, empowered, and confident. While they were here I felt so confident about having this baby (of course I fell apart as soon as they left). They made me feel so calm and peaceful about the whole situation, which is just nearly impossibly these days. There is something so special about being a Prince girl, and I'm so blessed to have these wonderful women to look up to.

A BIG thank you to Aubrey who gave us this excuse to get together -- can't wait for our next Prince girl trip in September 2016 (this time with Brenna too)!