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+ Annakin visits Phoenix! She came for a wedding and we were only able to see her for a couple hours, but it was a blast. We reminisced on how we were randomly assigned as freshman roommates and how she assumed, based solely off my last name, that I was a diva. And posted it on facebook. And I saw it. And it was awkward. And then we started facebook messaging and became best friends. Seriously lucked out with my random roommate selection.

+ To prep our YW for girls camp (and maybe also because all of us leaders like to hike), we have been taking them on a handful of little hikes around Phoenix. They are big time whiners and will flat out just not show up to our hiking activities sometimes. It's actually hilarious though and I still love them.

So to encourage more girls to come, we decided to up our game a little bit and plan an overnight trip to Sedona - aka the most beautiful part of Arizona. I was SO happy that we had so many girls come -- and LOVE -- the trip! Craig and I didn't stay overnight (I prefer my own bed these days, thank you), but we met up with them in the morning to hike West Fork -- which was outrageously beautiful. If having a dream calling is a thing, being with the Biltmore Ward YW is mine!

+ Speaking of how much I love being in YWs, my friends from the presidency threw me a baby shower/luncheon which was so much fun! I love these ladies so much and am so grateful to serve with them. Sadly I didn't take any pictures so thank you Whitney for snapping a few!

+ Last weekend my coworkers threw me a BaByQ (swoon at the name)! I work with some of the greatest humans in Phoenix, and since some days I wonder if this child is sucking the life out of me, I think I would have quit early on in my pregnancy if they didn't keep me laughing my head off every day. Again, I failed to take pictures, but thanks to Kenny, we will never forget the "stuff a balloon up your shirt, stick a golf ball between your knees, waddle down the path, and try to drop it in a cup" game -- which I of course won because hellooo I am an expert at getting around with a balloon-sized belly, thank you very much.