The happy list

7:50 PM Marcie Parson 4 Comments

I'm 39 weeks pregnant. THIRTY-NINE. And I'm over it.
So I'm looking for things that make me happy.
The result is this list:

+ The pool. Reading in the pool. The pool being a temperature that doesn't give me goosebumps. And most importantly, being the only person at the pool so I don't feel like anyone's looking at me like a giant human beach ball.

+ Chick-fil-a's frosted lemonades. I got a coupon for a free one in the mail and let me tell you, it was a good, good day.

+ Pedicures. I'm not usually a mani-pedi-type gal. Mostly I'm too cheap to spend money to get them done often. But sometimes, sitting in that massage chair and getting your calves/feet rubbed is just what the doctor ordered. Plus, bright summer toes. Win, win, win.

+ Fruity popsicles. YUM!

+ Piano. Finally playing it. We don't have room for a piano so I go months between practicing. And let me tell you, it is seriously therapeutic. Thanks mom for never letting me quit lessons. And sorry future children for forcing you to learn. You'll thank me later.

+ Buying post-baby clothes. IN MY SIZE. Can't wait to wear real clothes again. Bye-bye belly!

+ The random kid walking out of Target as I was walking in, who announced, "AH, SO YA PREGNANT HUH?!" and kept walking. Also, Brother Barnum who put his arm around me and discreetly mumbled, "The Phoenix Suns called and want their basketball back." If only I was just hiding a basketball under my shirt...

Baby, I'm begging you, please come soon!

37(ish) weeks: celebrating my last day of work/retirement at La Grande Orange and the only picture we took on the 4th of July

39 weeks: hopefully the last "week" picture I will take!!