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We matched! Well, Craig did, anyway, and we are tagging along to an internship in Denver, CO!

"The match" is crazy. It's not like a normal job where you apply, interview, and pick where you want to go. No, instead you interview all over and rank your favorite programs, the programs rank their favorite students, and a COMPUTER picks who goes where. It's pretty nerve wracking.

We were nervous while talking over who to rank where, where we'd want to live, which programs seemed like the best, and what was the best option for getting him to dermatology. He really loved this family residency in Texas, which would have been SO fun because we'd be so close to Jennie and Steve, and he was pretty much guaranteed a spot there. However, he really wanted to shoot for dermatology, so he ranked the two internships first, followed by family residencies.

Denver was our #1 pick, so we are excited! Because there was so much prayer involved, I feel like this is where we are meant to be and is what's best for our family. When we got the news, however, i think both of us still felt a little nervous. Craig is nervous because it is still a long uncertain road ahead to derm, and I am nervous because I have to start all over in a new place!

I guess neither of us realized how much we have grown to love Phoenix until this past week. We will be SO sad to leave this area and all of the friends we have made. But cheers to med school adventures and a new chapter in Denver! Who knows where this crazy life will take us next year when we have to match all over again.