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February was full of surprises!

- We gave Max some yogurt and found out he has a dairy allergy. I sure hope he grows out of it because what kind of Prince Kid would this guy be without a love of ice cream?!
- Poor Max caught the flu. It was so so sad, especially since I'm pretty sure he got it at the doctor while getting his first flu shot!! Our doctor told us that day that we were so lucky we were there for a well-check appointment because she had been treating the flu and RSV all day... and two days later we were back for Tamiflu. It was a sad few days with a feverish baby sleeping on my chest all. day. long.

- Max woke up one day and suddenly wanted to MOVE! He figured out how to log roll and can roll across the room, and now he is working on using his arms. He can finally push up on his own, but drops down to his belly and "swims" toward an item in his go-to penguin position. It never fails to crack me up. He has SO much energy, and I just know that when he figures out how to crawl, he is going to be ALL over the place!

- I ran a 5k with my old coworkers and had a lot of fun doing it. Three of us had babies within about a year of each other and although we don't all work there anymore, it's always fun to get together. Max is the youngest, and I relied on these girls for all kinds of pregnancy and baby advice. I'm not much of a runner, but I ran all 3.1 miles and was super proud of myself. I had to borrow a jogging stroller from a friend, but I loved it so much that I bought my own off of craigslist!

- The weather has been absolutely perfect, so we've been trying to be outside as much as possible before it gets too hot! We walk everywhere we can when it comes to running errands, and go jogging, swimming, and hiking as much as possible. We love to take this little guy along with us on our adventures! We even took him to the movies with us a few times and he was a champ. Somehow he manages to make everything more fun.

- Max turned 7 months and is getting SO FUN. People told me 6-12 months is the best age, and they are so right! Max has the most playful personality and I absolutely love it. He babbles all day and giggles a TON. He is such a goof. He loves peek-a-boo, getting chucked in the air, and getting tickled. He is starting to get a little stranger danger and actually cries when someone else sits in the backseat with him! Even when he cries he's hilarious. Perhaps my favorite thing that he does is reach his arms out for me to pick him up, and then nuzzle into my neck like I'm the only person he'll ever need. It's easy to forget what it means to be the mom, but moments like that remind me just how much of his tiny world I am.

It was another fun-filled, sun-filled month, and I am counting my blessings. What a happy life we live.