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A few highlights from March:

- We saw three of my favorite people this month! Apparently Phoenix is the place for business trips in the spring. Mady came out for a few days for work, and I was so happy to be with her. We took her to the brand new Shake Shack, which we were thrilled to have open so close to us. Two weeks later, Aubrey came out for business! Even though she was just here for one day, we packed in some authentic Mexican, hipster ice cream, and play time with Max. We also got to see Rach for just a few hours while she was traveling from Mexico to Provo! We have been so lucky to see so many friends and family while living in Phoenix. Crossing my fingers we'll have a few visitors in Denver as well!

- The first weekend in March, Craig had a few days off, so we headed up to Cedar to see Baby Bradley's blessing. It was a quick trip, but it was fun to see everyone and to meet sweet newborn Brad! Max and Brad are about 5 months apart, and they are sure to be buddies!

Three Parson ladies with three babes born within 8 months!
Brad, Carly, & Max
- I was in charge of teaching my YW on Easter Sunday, and the lesson just happened to fall on "how can the Savior help me during my trials?" It was the perfect message for Easter. I really worried about this lesson because the atonement is something I feel so passionate about, and I didn't know what to share or how to share it. I looked over my Jerusalem journals and pictures (with tissues in hand!!), but when Sunday came, I still felt like my lesson wasn't right.

As I was giving my lesson, I looked out at those girls and felt like they already understood the atonement so much better than me. It was almost as if it was a lesson I wasn't qualified to teach because these girls had already gone through more hard things at such a young age than I ever have, or maybe ever will! I was overwhelmed with love and respect and admiration for each of them. I'm not sure the lesson was inspiring to anyone but me, but it was such a precious gift to get a tiny glimpse of God's love for these incredible girls. It has been such a blessing to serve in YW, and I will be absolutely heartbroken to leave in June!

- Craig had an ER rotation this month which was pretty brutal. Six 10-hour days on, six off. Six 10-hour nights on, six off. It really wasn't bad until the night shifts! EEK. The ER is definitely not for our family. Especially not in a 1-bedroom apartment with a baby.
The one and only time Max has fallen asleep for the night on one of us.

- On Craig's last "week off" of this rotation, we decided to head to Utah! We made a pitstop in Vegas because neither of us had been since we were kids. The winds were so strong (32 mph!!!) that all the gross people were off the strip and it was rather empty. It was actually... pretty clean! Aside from freezing our buns off and missing some of the fun outdoor shows which were closed for weather, it was a pretty good experience for the strip! We loved our breakfast at the Hash House a Go Go.
At the Bellagio conservatory
- We spent the remainder of the week in St. George before Craig headed off to a few away rotations. I will be staying with my parents for almost 3 weeks and am so glad they are letting Max and me hang out with them while Craig is gone. These away rotations are no bueno.

- Max turned 8 months. He has a big case of stranger danger, and a select few lucky people will actually cause him to burst into tears with just one look! He is always fine if mom or dad is holding him, but if we ever walk out of the room... bad news! He has become opinionated for the first time, and it just cracks me up. He wants to be independent and feed himself, and is most expressive when there is food around (think kicking and flapping his arms like a bird). He is sure to let us know when he wants food, to be held, or for us to STOP "torturing" him (like getting him dressed). He has figured out how to make the growling sound and now sounds like a little car motor. He started teething but no sign of teeth yet! He finally moved to a 2-nap schedule, which has been just heavenly considering it took him practically 6 months to move from 5 naps a day. Now he rolls onto his tummy halfway through his nap, and when he wakes up he pops up on his hands and knees and peeks his head over the crib looking for me. He is getting more active, but can't crawl yet. He rolls, pushes backwards, rocks on hands and knees, and flops onto his belly. He likes sitting and practicing walking best.

Swings? Not impressed.
- It seems like Max grows up more and more every day. It breaks my heart because I love him so much just the way he his, and it's almost as if I have to say goodbye and get to know a new baby! His face is changing, he's getting taller, and his personality is really starting to shine. Someone told us that Max looks like Robert Redford, which we'll take ANY day over Donald Trump (that darn hairdo). As sad as I am that he is growing up, he is just SUCH a hoot to be around, and I love seeing him discover and grow! His smile and happy demeanor add so much sunshine to my world.