Northern AZ (April)

11:47 AM Marcie Parson 0 Comments

On our way home from Utah, we decided to drive through the mountains (instead of Vegas) so that we could do some sight-seeing and take advantage of our time in AZ before we moved away. We stopped in Page, AZ and took a tour of Lower Antelope Canyon, which was super cool! I'm sure it wasn't as cool as the light beams in Upper Antelope Canyon, but it was still beautiful. Then we stopped by Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River, and it was seriously amazing. I was not expecting that.

We finished our drive in Flagstaff, where we stayed the night at Jess's dad's "cabin" slash second home. We decided Flagstaff is Arizona's Portland. Very weird. The next day we drove to Bearizona, which was basically a zoo that had a drive through portion where the animals came up to your car. I thought it was pretty cool, but Craig is a loyal Yellowstone fan and I don't think it was nearly as cool for him. We went to a few shows, and although I expected Max to be apathetic, he was actually pretty interested in the animals.

From Williams we drove an hour north to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Neither of us had ever seen the Grand Canyon before, and I must admit my expectations were pretty low. I totally expected a long drive there, a short stop to ooh and ahh for pictures, and then getting back in the car for several more hours. It completely blew me away. It is definitely the most breathtaking thing I have ever seen, and pictures do not even BEGIN to do it justice. At first we drove our car along several viewpoints for pictures, and then we took a tram in to hike for a bit. We did the south kaibab trail, which actually crosses the canyon if you're up for an overnight trip. We only hiked 3 miles down and 3 miles back up. The hike was incredible -- and totally freaky at the same time. I swear my eyes were playing tricks on me. I've never been afraid of heights, but I had a few panicky moments. It is SO deep!!! We stayed for sunset (WOW) and then drove back to Flagstaff.

This trip will forever be one of my favorite memories of this stage of our life. We had so much fun and were blown away by God's creations. We will miss Arizona so, so much.