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I've been procrastinating this post because it was such an unpleasant month. So I'm going to say as little as possible. Despite my unpleasant feelings towards July, I do have many wonderful pictures which means there are some wonderful memories buried in there.

Craig was gone for the entire month due to audition rotations with dermatology residencies. He had two weeks in Florida and two weeks in Arizona, and then before he got back, I took off for a week for Steve's wedding in Texas... which means we were apart for 5 straight weeks. It was a rough month, and I hope we never ever have to be apart for that long again.

Luckily after my first week of being alone, Lisa and Kallie came to town! Is Lisa the best friend or what? Coming to town at the exact moment I needed her (also, there were incredibly cheap tickets and two of her best friends and our babes here). I was so happy to have them stay in my lonely apartment with me so I would stop getting freaked out that someone was going to break in while Craig was away (ugh. Am I the only other paranoid wife out there?). 

It was such a dream to have them here. We saw Jess & Camden every day, and we made sure to do at least one fun outing a day. We went to the splash pad, the petting zoo/farm (and we rode the park train twice), and the pool! Kallie and Camden are a few months older than Max, but he was just starting to walk at this point and loved to try to keep up with them! 

Halfway through the month I went to St. George so my parents could keep us company. The flight there was mildly traumatic, including spilled applesauce pouch on the drive to the airport (and then strapping applesauce-Max to my chest), long lines, my hands setting off security (only had applesauce on them), individually testing every item in my bag, waiting a million years for two female TSA agents, a private room for a full-body pat down, and running to my gate with a baby strapped to my chest, all while my flight was boarding. So yes, a bit traumatic. But my parents picked us up from the airport and all was well in the world. 

It is always so fun for me to be with my parents, and it's especially fun to see how much Max loves them.  I am so grateful I was able to stay with them so I wouldn't have to be alone in Colorado (where I was brand new and knew NO ONE). We went to the park and the pool several times, took Max to a splash pad, and worked on perfecting his walking skills! 

Jennie's family happened to be in Lehi, so we made a trip up there for Baby Andrew's blessing. It was also a great excuse to see Rach, who happily took us to sacrament meeting in her singles ward in the Wilk (hilarious). I was so happy I was able to see her and so happy to see the Airmets!

This was the last picture I took of Max as a 0-year-old (it was an emotional birthday week). Thank you Mom & Dad for taking care of us for two weeks!


The Move (June)

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After all of our travels to California, we had one last week in Phoenix before our big move to Denver. It was filled with last minute packing and travel arrangements. I get super overwhelmed with big changes and packing -- heck, I get overwhelmed packing for a weekend trip -- so the real MVPs of the move were my mom for flying out to Phoenix to help me pack and get my life in order, and my dad for coming out a few days later to drive our moving truck to Denver. We could NOT have done it without them and I am so so grateful for their help and encouragement. It makes me cringe to think that we will have to do it all over again next summer without their help! 

Our second apartment: 2025 E Campbell Ave #257! (Also Max's hair is so scary)
On our last night in Phoenix our friends came over to help us load the truck, and then we all went to the Stand for one last burger and shake! We drove 6.5 hours to Albuquerque, stayed the night in a sketchy motel, and drove the remaining 6.5 hours to Lone Tree. It was a long 13 hours in a car with a baby who did NOT want to be stuck in his car seat, but somehow we all survived. 

We drove into Lone Tree and I felt a wave of relief. I could instantly tell that this was the right place for us. The sun was shining, the temperature was only 90 (it was 120 that day in Phoenix!), and everything was GREEN! It is so beautiful here. We got the keys to our apartment (which we had only seen pictures of on the internet), and it wasn't scary! In fact, it was way better than I expected! First floor, two bedrooms, it feels like a mansion compared to our previous apartment. We had a few people in our new ward help us unload our truck, and set out to unpack and move in immediately. 

That night, we even got to see Maddie and Logan who were in town visiting his parents! I'm obsessed with them and could cry that they live so far away. Thank heavens they will visit a few times this year. Someday we'll live in the same state again and all will be right in the world.

At the end of the month, Max turned 11 months old. He loves exploring our new home, and he sleeps in his own room like a champ! I gave him his second haircut all on my own, and I'm super proud to say that it didn't turn out horrible. Now that I cut off all of his brown, he is a total blondie and just getting blonder! He just started standing all on his own -- he doesn't stand up in the middle of the floor, but he will use someone or something to pull himself up and let go. He is super close to walking but doesn't know it yet. He likes to sit indian style or sit on his feet, which makes him look like a tiny adult. He loves to wave (at everyone, everything), and whenever he hears music, both arms wave like crazy. He is a complete dream. Mom life is dream life.



Early birthday present from Grandma Lynette! He LOVES them! 
His signature face
Mid-hike nap at Bluffs Regional Park
Dennis the Menace
We love our new home and love Colorado. I've added this to my list of places I'd consider settling down in someday. We miss our friends in Phoenix and making new friends is hard. We hope to be able to settle in at least a little bit here before we take off again in less than a year. But cheers to another adventure and another year attempting to become a dermatologist (4 down 4 to go)! 


Parson Reunion (June)

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The Parsons know one vacation: Disneyland. It is super nostalgic for them because they have been going since they were kids. They were practically bred to be Disney fanatics. So of course, when planning a trip for their family this year, Disneyland was the only option! No complaints here!

After our PCH roadtrip, we spent a few days in Anaheim (June 8-11), where Craig's parents rented out a house for all of us to stay. It was SO much fun! I couldn't believe how fun the house was -- themed "frozen" and "superhero" rooms for the kids complete with bunkbeds, ball pits, and slides, a pool, hot tub, etc! Honestly my favorite part of the whole trip was just hanging out with everyone in the house. Both Craig and I have large families, and with all of our siblings married, it is SUCH a treat when we all get to stay together in the same house!

The first day of the trip was, of course, Disneyland! The night before, Max decided to not sleep (which still baffles me), so therefore none of us got any sleep. After a rough morning for me (I am a nightmare when I don't sleep), it turned out to be a fun day. Max liked Pirates and Small World the most and was so captivated by the music and everything else in the rides. At 10 months, Max couldn't really appreciate the experience that much, but it makes us even more excited to take him when he's older when things will be a bit more magical.

The next day was beach day! We drove down to Corona del Mar and spent the afternoon splashing and building sand castles. Uncle Nils is the sand castle king, so it was super fun to finally see him build one! Max loves the beach and so do we. That night was Del's birthday party -- we had some family over for a tri-tip dinner and superman cake.

Everyone parted ways on Saturday morning... most left as soon as possible, which really cracks me up because it's such a stark contrast to the Prince family, where we stay together as long as humanly possible. It was a fun, relaxing reunion for us and the perfect way to end our long trip in California.