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I've been procrastinating this post because it was such an unpleasant month. So I'm going to say as little as possible. Despite my unpleasant feelings towards July, I do have many wonderful pictures which means there are some wonderful memories buried in there.

Craig was gone for the entire month due to audition rotations with dermatology residencies. He had two weeks in Florida and two weeks in Arizona, and then before he got back, I took off for a week for Steve's wedding in Texas... which means we were apart for 5 straight weeks. It was a rough month, and I hope we never ever have to be apart for that long again.

Luckily after my first week of being alone, Lisa and Kallie came to town! Is Lisa the best friend or what? Coming to town at the exact moment I needed her (also, there were incredibly cheap tickets and two of her best friends and our babes here). I was so happy to have them stay in my lonely apartment with me so I would stop getting freaked out that someone was going to break in while Craig was away (ugh. Am I the only other paranoid wife out there?). 

It was such a dream to have them here. We saw Jess & Camden every day, and we made sure to do at least one fun outing a day. We went to the splash pad, the petting zoo/farm (and we rode the park train twice), and the pool! Kallie and Camden are a few months older than Max, but he was just starting to walk at this point and loved to try to keep up with them! 

Halfway through the month I went to St. George so my parents could keep us company. The flight there was mildly traumatic, including spilled applesauce pouch on the drive to the airport (and then strapping applesauce-Max to my chest), long lines, my hands setting off security (only had applesauce on them), individually testing every item in my bag, waiting a million years for two female TSA agents, a private room for a full-body pat down, and running to my gate with a baby strapped to my chest, all while my flight was boarding. So yes, a bit traumatic. But my parents picked us up from the airport and all was well in the world. 

It is always so fun for me to be with my parents, and it's especially fun to see how much Max loves them.  I am so grateful I was able to stay with them so I wouldn't have to be alone in Colorado (where I was brand new and knew NO ONE). We went to the park and the pool several times, took Max to a splash pad, and worked on perfecting his walking skills! 

Jennie's family happened to be in Lehi, so we made a trip up there for Baby Andrew's blessing. It was also a great excuse to see Rach, who happily took us to sacrament meeting in her singles ward in the Wilk (hilarious). I was so happy I was able to see her and so happy to see the Airmets!

This was the last picture I took of Max as a 0-year-old (it was an emotional birthday week). Thank you Mom & Dad for taking care of us for two weeks!

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  1. I cannot even imagine!!! You are a saint! These pictures are super cute though!