Steve & Melissa (August)

2:49 PM Marcie Parson 0 Comments

After four weeks of away rotations, Craig headed home to Colorado. Unfortunately, Max and I were in Utah, and we headed straight to Dallas for Steve's wedding. I was obviously really excited to see my family (since it happens only once every other year or so), but it was kind of unfair that Craig headed home and we didn't even get to see him for another week.

My parents had rented a house near the wedding venue that was big enough to fit all of the kids and grandkids - and that honestly was the best part of the trip. We spent each day swimming in the fun pool, playing on the playground, and running around the big yard. We watched old family videos, played games, and ate all day (okay maybe just Max because he is a bottomless pit). One night my dad was a "human piƱata" and wore a shirt with candy hot glued to it and let the grandkids pick off the candy. We did it by age groups so Max just got to toddle over to him, but the big kids chased him around the house (and got whooped since my Dad is a big-time runner!). It was really fun.

Then the last Prince was married! Steve and Melissa were married on Thursday, August 4. Ryan actually officiated the wedding, which was kind of hilarious, but he did a great job (and so did Aubrey, who wrote most of it). The older grandkids cracked me up with their matching bowties and suspenders, and they were such goofballs all night. It was super late at night so it was kind of challenging with Max, and we had to leave "early" (after 10), but I am impressed he made it much past 8. We were super sad that we missed the milkshake shots though. 

A huge round of applause for Steve and Melissa for hiring photographers who were obsessed with taking pictures of Max. It almost makes up for having another year of Prince family pictures without Craig. Maybe SOMEDAY there will be photo evidence that I do in fact have a husband. I really am obsessed with all of these pictures of Max. He was such a trooper all night.

Thanks Steve for getting married and giving us an excuse to get together! I sure love my Princes. And welcome to the family, Melissa! You make our family complete.