16 months

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Max at 16 months:

He loved spending time with his cousins in Utah and Arizona, and it was the first time he would actually play with other kids (despite our weekly playdates in Colorado). He is OBSESSED with my mom and learned to call her "Ama." He runs to her with outstretched arms whenever she walks in the room -- which he has never done to either of us. He even snuggles her when she holds him, which he does not do to us anymore. He LOVES my dad and says "ah ah ah" while poking his belly because that's what my dad does to him. He learned to call him "Papa" when we'd prompt him, but mostly he just says "ah ah ah" whenever he thinks of him or wants to go looking for Grandpa (and he still looks for him even now that we're in Colorado). He never cries for either set of grandparents!

He is starting to have quite the strong opinions. He knows exactly what he does and does not want to eat, drink, play with, etc, and he will yell out and/or throw something when he doesn't get what he wants. Usually it happens when I won't carry him into the kitchen or let him play in the fridge... We're working on it. He has decided he does not want to drink any type of milk (not even chocolate!), which is a little worrisome for me since he is supposed to be getting so much whole milk a day. But he has decided to drink water, so water it is... for now.

He's still taking two naps which is marvelous. He finally has a third bottom tooth and another on the way. He has one half of a molar (so slow with teeth!), making a grand total of 7.5 teeth.

He has become quite the ham and is starting to recognize the attention. He has perfected "Hi!" and says it ALL the time: when we walk in a room, when HE walks in a room, to strangers he passes, etc. The other day we were sitting in Costa Vida at a table near the line, and he was just being so entertaining and the people in the line were fawning over him. He now likes to pretend to hide an object behind his back and hold up his other hand like, "where'd it go?" and then whip it out and laugh -- and repeat over and over. He also loves to play peek a boo from behind a door or around a corner, and he leans his whole body sideways to peek his head out. He loves music and loves to do his "fast feet" dance and spin in circles.

He loved playing with dinosaurs at Grandma Joni's house. He slept in the toy room so whenever he'd wake up, the first thing he'd do is point to the closet and say RAAAAAA! He also loved carrying around a baby doll and pointing out its eyes, nose, etc. But his favorite toys were the ride-on school bus and fire truck that my Grandpa Clement made. It was so special for me to see Max playing with the toys my grandpa made in his 80s. He never stopped working in his shop and was always creating little wooden cars for his great-grandkids or a jewelry box for me. Max never met my grandpa, but I certainly felt him close by when he was pushing around that school bus.

He learned to do the stairs at Grandma Lynette's house and would have spent all weekend on those if we had let him! He loves them and I love that he finally knows how to go down safely! He was an excellent traveler (four flights in four weeks!) although certainly much more manageable with Craig around. It seems like he just gets more and more energy every month, and that he is becoming more and more hilarious.

I sure love this little boy.