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Seems like we were hardly in Colorado at all this month!

The first weekend of November, Max and I flew out to Salt Lake City for Pinners Conference! I started working for Pinners a little bit in July -- it's been very part-time and super flexible, which is the ideal set-up for me. I figured I better attend Pinners since I have been selling it for a few months and had never been (oops), plus I just couldn't turn down $46 plane tickets (round trip)! My mom drove up to come with me and help out with Max while I worked at the event for a few hours. 

We had so much fun! Unfortunately I took zero pictures, but it was a blast and so fun to see my mom. We stayed at the Petersons', played with Lisa and met baby Kenna, met up with Sara, and had dinner with Mady & Maddie. It was a quick trip and Max was a champ on the plane.

Then we were back in Colorado for just a week. On Monday I took Max to the zoo for the first time. He had actually been when he was tiny, but this time was exciting because he loves animals nowadays! It was his friend Briella's 2nd birthday which also happened to fall on a free day at the zoo! It could not have been more perfect. It was so much fun and we really could have spent the day there, but we headed out to the airport to pick up our visitor!

Two days after I said goodbye to Mady in SLC, she came to visit us in Denver! She too found amazing flights from SLC that she couldn't turn down. About a month ago Mady connected me to her friend Laura who had just moved to Denver. She was Mady's roommate the year after I traded her in for Craig as my permanent roomie. Mady knew we'd be friends, and she was so right! So Mads came and played with both of us for a few days. I was the world's most boring hostess so we did a lot of eating, playing with Max, and laying on the couch. But we did go downtown to visit Laura for lunch on 16th street, tried out dinner at Modern Market, and t
ried and failed to find a good dessert place. Max warmed up to Mady by day two and even tried to call her "Dydy." It sure felt right to have Mads around again.

The next weekend Craig and I headed out of Colorado for the rest of the month. He scheduled two weeks rotating with Aspen Dermatology (one in Kingman with Nate, and one in Spanish Fork), so Max and I flew out to St. George to spend time with my parents. After week one, we drove down and met Craig in Kingman to stay at Sara's for a night. It was so fun to see their new house and be able to attend Luke's baptism!

We came back on Saturday night and made it just in time to drop off Max with my parents and go out for dinner and a movie to celebrate our THIRD anniversary! We went to the Cliffside Restaurant for dinner, and we LOVED it. Plus you just really can't beat the view of the temple/city you were married in for your anniversary dinner. Craig was the MVP of the night for letting me order a molten chocolate cake for dessert (he doesn't like chocolatey desserts but it tasted like tangible heaven in my mouth). After our dinner we saw Fantastic Beasts. I think we got home around midnight, which is honestly unheard of in our house (we are early-to-bed people). The past three years have been truly the happiest -- there isn't a thing I would change about our life together.
Pretty bad picture, but we'll take what we can get from strangers.
Craig headed up to Spanish Fork the next day for the end of his rotation. The clinic was closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving, so he was back on Wednesday! We had the BEST time in St. George. It's always so fun to stay with my parents, but this time Jennie AND Steve came into town for Thanksgiving! I'm convinced there is nothing better for the soul than a week with my Princes. We Christmas shopped, went to the Children's Museum, hiked Dixie Rock, drove through Zion National Park, played at the new dinosaur park, watched movies, saw Moana in theaters (thanks mom!), and played a ton of games. Craig even admitted to loving Spastic Uno, which everyone knows is a Prince CLASSIC.

It is a dream come true whenever Craig gets to spend time with my family. We've been married three years, but he's only spent a few days with my siblings and has missed every Prince family reunion (including family pictures) we've had in the last three years because of medical school. So I was thrilled that we could all be together for at least two full days this year.

On Saturday the Prince kids had all gone their separate ways and we met up with Parsons in the afternoon. We met up at the new dinosaur park, ate dinner, and then went to see the live nativity at Tuacahn -- which was super fun! I had never been before and I loved it. We spent our last few days in Utah with Craig's family and Lynette even watched Max for us one morning so we could go to the temple! It was a bonus that I got to see my mom working there are well!

We flew back to Denver and just like that November was over! It was a whirlwind but so much fun. We were so happy to spend so much time with family and each other.