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I admit that I was sad to see December go. Just today Craig told me that the Christmas season came and went so fast that he wanted to leave our decorations up another month. December was truly a month of giving. Before we went to Utah for the break, I spent most of my time gifting -- for YW, neighbors, friends, and family. We did our annual Christmas service in lieu of gifts for my parents. Even though we don't have much to give, serving/giving will always be my favorite part of the Christmas season. 

Max also had an eventful month. We took him to our ward Christmas party with the best intentions of getting a perfect Santa picture with our always-happy child, and instead he missed a nap and freaked out -- and I still laugh every time I see the picture. He has been practicing sitting up and is getting SO good! He can pretty much do it by himself. His hair is getting outrageously long (I may or may not have chopped off his mullet a little too short) and is growing in WHITE underneath all of that light brown. His cheeks keep growing, and I squish them all day every day. He loves to chomp on his fingers (sometimes 4 at a time) and grab his toes. He opens and closes his fist like he is giving you a nice back/arm scratch whenever you hold him. He wakes up all-smiles and just chats with himself in his bed until I come get him.

Max has become SO interactive and even more smiley, although there was one week where he went through a super serious phase and would only giggle for grandma. It's so much fun that he is getting bigger and becoming this little man, but I'm secretly so sad that he's growing up. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that because I always thought it sounded so dumb when people would cry over their babies growing up... but I'm officially on that bandwagon now. We LOVE this little boy and can't believe how much fun he becomes every day. 

Alexis's bball game. I don't know if I will ever enjoy a calling as much as this one. I love YWs with all of my heart.


 I will never get over seeing how much these two love each other.