Six months with Max

12:41 PM Marcie Parson 0 Comments

Max turned 6 months old this Thursday. I used to not understand why people documented their babies' milestones in weeks or months, but I do now. Babies are little sponges. They learn something new every day. They start to understand how to move, how to make sounds, how to smile, then giggle -- and it all happens very fast. Their personalities appear and develop. Their tiny bodies quickly double and even triple in size. They seem to become entirely new people in such short periods of time.

Max is the best part of our life. He is good-natured and happy. He takes 4 naps per day and sleeps 8-9 hours at night. He usually only cries when he's tired. He gasps in excitement when he sees someone he loves. He smiles ALL the time but is stingy with his giggles. He sits up very well on his own but flops over every once in a while if he gets distracted. He rolls front to back and back to front, but shows no interest in crawling. His hair is getting SO long on top but is secretly SO short on the sides for some reason. We've had multiple people tell us he looks like a mini Donald Trump because of his feathery comb over. He loves mirrors, flying around the house like Peter Pan, dancing to "Sweet Baby Max" (sung to the tune of Sweet Caroline), and being outside.

I think everything he does is hilarious. While he's nursing he likes to stick one arm straight up in the air and find my face. He flaps his arms like a little baby bird when he gets wound up. He gets so excited about baby food that he leans forward to chomp on the spoon as if it's not coming fast enough. He'll cuddle up against me for a few seconds and then whip his head up to look around... and repeat over and over and over again. He has awesome serious eyebrows and can raise them one at a time. He has the best facial expressions. When he lays on his tummy, he lifts his head up and throws his arms straight back like a penguin. One of my favorite things Max does right now is reach out toward my face with both hands and pinch my cheeks. [Now where could he have learned that from?]

Craig and I often talk about how, with each "big step" we've taken together, we've become better people, grown closer together, and gained a bigger perspective. Max has definitely checked each of those boxes for us. I have so much more joy and fulfillment because he is in my life. I wish it were possible to express my feelings in a way that would clearly explain the beauty of motherhood. I think it's so hard to explain because it is nearly impossible to describe the perfect love that God has for His children, and you get to experience a tiny piece of it as a mother. It's a beautiful thing. A gift, really.

So happy 6 months to my favorite baby, King Max.
You make me so happy, and I love you oh so very much.