11:50 AM Marcie Parson 1 Comments

The days leading up to Craig's medical school graduation, it felt neither real nor significant. It was hard to appreciate the milestone because he had had the past month off, not to mention that the pressure had gone down remarkably after he matched. On Memorial Day we spent time reminiscing with Craig's med school buddies and their wives, but even then it didn't feel real. Del and Lynette came into town the night before and took us to Cibo for dinner. The morning of graduation, June 1, Craig left early and the rest of us followed about an hour later. Still, on the drive there, I thought to myself how funny it was to be celebrating Craig graduating med school while he still had 4+ years of training left.

Once we got to the ceremony however, I was overcome with pride! This was a big deal! We searched for Craig as the graduating class walked in, got totally out of order, and utterly failed to be sorted out -- which was hilarious. But the speakers made it real. Those darn administrators, the same ones who made us poor for the rest of our lives, talked about what it meant to be a doctor and the path that they had taken to get there, and I was so proud of my Craig. He was "hooded" on stage, and when they called his name, he was called "doctor" for the very first time. CUE BEAMING WIFE. (No-nap-Max was out screaming with Grandma, so a big thanks to Lynette for letting me see Craig walk across the stage!)

I often give him a hard time about taking the easy way out, but medical school is not easy. I'm so proud of him for finishing four long years, especially because during the first two years -- the hardest ones -- we were dating long distance/getting married, which made the process a LOT more complicated and difficult for him! We still have quite the journey left to go, including a busy intern year and a nerve-wracking application process for a dermatology residency (prayers appreciated), but if we can get through these 4 years, we can certainly get through 4 more, right?