Parson Reunion (June)

8:49 AM Marcie Parson 0 Comments

The Parsons know one vacation: Disneyland. It is super nostalgic for them because they have been going since they were kids. They were practically bred to be Disney fanatics. So of course, when planning a trip for their family this year, Disneyland was the only option! No complaints here!

After our PCH roadtrip, we spent a few days in Anaheim (June 8-11), where Craig's parents rented out a house for all of us to stay. It was SO much fun! I couldn't believe how fun the house was -- themed "frozen" and "superhero" rooms for the kids complete with bunkbeds, ball pits, and slides, a pool, hot tub, etc! Honestly my favorite part of the whole trip was just hanging out with everyone in the house. Both Craig and I have large families, and with all of our siblings married, it is SUCH a treat when we all get to stay together in the same house!

The first day of the trip was, of course, Disneyland! The night before, Max decided to not sleep (which still baffles me), so therefore none of us got any sleep. After a rough morning for me (I am a nightmare when I don't sleep), it turned out to be a fun day. Max liked Pirates and Small World the most and was so captivated by the music and everything else in the rides. At 10 months, Max couldn't really appreciate the experience that much, but it makes us even more excited to take him when he's older when things will be a bit more magical.

The next day was beach day! We drove down to Corona del Mar and spent the afternoon splashing and building sand castles. Uncle Nils is the sand castle king, so it was super fun to finally see him build one! Max loves the beach and so do we. That night was Del's birthday party -- we had some family over for a tri-tip dinner and superman cake.

Everyone parted ways on Saturday morning... most left as soon as possible, which really cracks me up because it's such a stark contrast to the Prince family, where we stay together as long as humanly possible. It was a fun, relaxing reunion for us and the perfect way to end our long trip in California.