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Wow, I cannot believe how quickly August flew by! It seems like as soon as we were reunited with Craig, all was right in the world. We got back into a great routine, started exploring Colorado a little more, and have really been able to enjoy our little family together again.

We visited Rocky Mountain National Park during their free weekend, and it was amazing! We loved exploring all of the little lakes and waterfalls up there. I couldn't believe there was already snow on the mountain. We walked around Bear Lake, hiked to the nearby waterfall, and also went to Sprague Lake. Max, as always, was a great little hiker and loved exploring the trails and napping in his carrier.

We also had the opportunity to visit the Fort Collins Temple open house! It was so fun to be able to take Max to the temple - and he was surprisingly quiet throughout the whole tour. We're starting to teach him a little more about the gospel now that he can understand things like that a little better. We have a Jesus painting above our mantel, and he's learned to point to it and give his best shot at saying "Jesus." When we saw the Christus after the tour, Max pointed to it and knew right away who it was, which was really special for us. I am so grateful to be a member of this church and know that families can be together forever!

I am really loving Colorado and the few friends we've made so far. It feels so much more like home than Phoenix did at first. Although I was really sad to leave Phoenix, it took me a lot longer to feel connected there. Here reminds me so much of Virginia, and I've loved being able to take Max exploring with me outside -- in the summer!

Max & Camden Taylor

Max turned 13 months. He is so energetic and obsessed with being outside. He brings me his shoes and says "buh-bye" when he wants to go out. He takes me by the finger and leads me from room to room, which I find hilarious. He can now say BALL in addition to animal sounds for elephant, tiger, bear, lion, fishy, bunny, cow, sheep, and doggy. He holds his arm over his head for airplane and makes his car sound for any other vehicle, machine, or appliance. He does sign language for change (diaper), water, and sometimes thank you. He has been growing 3 teeth all month, and none of them has cut yet, despite their bulging so much they look like real teeth. He learned how to bite into some foods (even though he still only has 3 teeth).

I can't believe how much he has learned this month. Seriously he is a completely different baby! He plays with toys and can stack his rings and fit his blocks into the shape sorter (without sorting them yet). I love that he has an opinion and tries to tell me what he wants. He is such an incredibly happy and lively kid, and every day I wonder what I did to deserve him. I am loving this life of mine.