15 months

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Max turned 15 months at the end of October. He had his 15-month well check and weighed 23 lbs (47%) and was 32 in tall (80%). He is as healthy as can be and is almost done with his vaccinations (hooray)! He is learning to climb onto the couch by himself, smack his lips, brush his teeth, and feed himself with a spoon. He has learned to say walk (wah?), tree, cheese, keys, and jesus (which all sound the same), open and apple (also sound the same), and he loves to say AMEN whenever we say prayers... or if he feels a prayer should be over (ha!). He also can say and sign help (hup?), which is quickly becoming one of his favorite things to ask, even when he is perfectly capable of doing something on his own. My favorite things he says are woohoo! and yeeeeah! His favorite thing to say is still "all done," which he says ALL the time, not just when he is all done, but when he wants YOU to stop, or if he does NOT want something, or just whenever he is frustrated. It's probably better than saying "no" all the time, and certainly much funnier.

When you say "show me your muscles," he'll "flex" by sticking his arms out and tensing up his body and face, and it is THE funniest thing. He went through a two-week phase where he decided to drop his morning nap... but is back to two naps again. We think he's either transitioning or was just teething. Teething is a mystery to me. He likes to wave at strangers, but mostly when they can't see him or aren't looking at him. He loves music and loves to dance, even if it's just to the beat of the dishwasher or washing machine. He loves to snuggle anything that is soft; he'll hold it in between his shoulder and cheek and say, "aw."  He's literally obsessed with his toothbrush and will throw a FIT if you take it away from him. I think I should start stashing an emergency toothbrush in my purse because it seems to be the answer to everything these days. He also obsesses over keys and will try to use them to open every single door in the house.

He still destroys the house. He still gets into everything he shouldn't. But he is SUCH a ham and so stinking funny that I think we'll keep him.



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Isn't October the best month? Experiencing fall for the first time in three years has been truly incredible. The weather has been perfect and the colors were phenomenal. Surprisingly, I had no idea how much I missed this time of year, and it would be hard to ever go back to a place without it. I think one reason I have fallen in love with Denver so quickly is because it makes me feel so at home. There's just something about this place that feels so nostalgic and comfortable.

While I usually obsess over October because of my birthday, this year was especially fantastic because we did so many fun things! The first weekend we had general conference, which was quite the experience with a toddler. But we were able to watch most of it, and even had a fun picnic lunch at the park in between sessions (and by picnic I mean ordered takeout).

We spent a lot of time with Max's cute little friends, including Camden's fun dinosaur party (it was a toss up who had more fun between the kids and the parents), and a trip to the pumpkin patch. Max loved the little train pulled by the tractor. We are so grateful for the fun friends we've made out here.

The next weekend Del and Lynette came to visit! We drove up the Guanella Pass and nearly froze, and ate a lot of good food. They even watched Max for us once so we could go to the temple, and again so we could attend the Fort Collins Temple dedication! Most generous visitors ever. It was so fun to be with them!

I turned 25 on the 18th. The night before I made myself a pumpkin spice bundt cake (SO good) and had some friends over for games. On my actual birthday we went to brunch at Kneaders with friends (Kristen's birthday was a few days earlier!) and their babies, and then we took our group over to the park to play! So fun to be able to do "birthday things" and celebrate with friends during the day! Max took two long birthday naps for me (thank you, Max), and when Craig got home we dropped Max off with a friend and went out to dinner! I had been waiting for my birthday to try out Cranelli's since it is supposed to be amazing Italian, but of course they had their annual wine event on the night of my birthday (a Tuesday night!) and were closed. I was so bummed, but we liked Udom Thai and we'll just have to try Cranelli's another time!

That weekend Craig booked us a night in Breckenridge! It was nice to check out this little ski town before ski season hit when all the crowds would be there... plus neither of us ski. But it was so beautiful up there and so much fun. We stayed in a little condo lodge that backed up to a little stream. We drove up even higher to go on a hike towards Mohawk Lake, but we only made it halfway there. It was so beautiful but FREEZING and so snowy/icy. We probably needed serious hiking boots. We came back down into town for lunch and ate at Flipside Burger, which we loved -- and ate way too much of.

Literally the best picture EVER of these boys and I'm a zombie

Halloween was fun for the first time in a long time. I've never been a huge fan of Halloween, and since Craig isn't really into Halloween either, it has kind of been ignored. This year we went to a few parties that turned out to be really fun. On the Friday night before Halloween our friends threw a "spooky dinner," so we got a babysitter for Max and stayed out until 10 (so rebellious!). No costumes + good food + good friends = my kind of Halloween party!

Then we went to our ward's Halloween party on Saturday night. Because coming up with a creative costume stresses me out and I can't justify buying a costume that will never be used again, we bought Max a little white doctor coat that came with a super fun doctor kit. I figure he can use it to play for years to come. Craig and I stuck bandaids on our heads to be Max's "patients," but most people just kept asking us what happened to our heads... So I think the lesson learned here is that I am just not meant to dress up and maybe next year we won't even try. We did have a lot of fun as it was Craig's first "trunk or treat" ever (such a deprived Utah boy).

So happy to be in Colorado during October to make it an extra magical birthday month.