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February flew by. Max had his surgery, which went super well but seemed to emotionally occupy most of the month. Craig was on an ER rotation and alternated between nights and days, but on his days off we managed to do a few fun things:

-- We visited the Botanic Gardens and Museum of Nature and Science. It was super fun to finally bring Craig to the "dino museum" because Max loves it so much. This time he even cried when we left. Max particularly loved the animals this time and kept asking for "more" animals.

angel baby face
He LOVES this guy -- a man is dressed in black underneath this dino making it walk around the museum

"Hey Max, do you want to take apart this body with me?"

He loved this dino and even gave him "noses" 

-- It was Valentine's Day and due to Craig's night shifts, we did a Valentine's lunch at Cranelli's -- a local Italian restaurant I've been DYING to go to. It did NOT disappoint. Just about died and went to lasagna heaven.

-- We roadtripped to Salt Lake for Grandma Bartholomew's funeral. Craig decided he wanted to be there literally the day before, after he had been working nights in the ER. His mom didn't know and we kept it a surprise until we got there. We were both SO happy we decided to go. It was so wonderful to be there for Lynette and spend time with family.

-- We had a pizza night with the Taylors and Holmes. Chase turned 2 so we celebrated with cupcakes! Max is still pretty antisocial and shy with other kids still, as much as we get together with them. It is crazy to see him next to Camden and Chase and how he really is just so calm and gentle in comparison.

-- I learned and performed a musical number in church in 5 days. I accompanied Chrissie Smith and went over to her house almost every day to practice. It was definitely a fun experience, and I'm always grateful for a chance to play the piano since it is usually a rare occasion.

-- Max learned to say nooOOoo (and he goes up and down in tone when he says it) and to tell us when he has a poopy diaper. He is learning shapes and asks to "color" (cuhcuh) with bath crayons and regular crayons all the time. Our walls and floors have already taken a beating.

-- Max has started smiling with his teeth when you say, show me your teeth! And it's hilarious. He likes to use hand sanitizer but can't figure out a way to ask for it, so he usually just goes and stands by it and sticks his hands out.

-- We finally switched him to a convertible car seat, although he technically isn't even close to the weight limit on his infant seat. He was just getting too tall and squished in there! The convertible is a beast and weighs about as much as Max does by itself!

-- Probably the biggest change was dropping the morning nap. It was painful to let go of, because I reeeally loved that morning "me time" to get ready, but he transitioned in about a week and it was all over. He now takes about a 3-hour nap around noon every day. I do like it now that we have a bigger window in the day to go out and do things, but it's murder when his nap is cut short. Especially since I usually try to cram in my work hours then!

I've already posted about his surgery, but this month I really was just in continual awe of this sweet boy of mine. It's crazy how much of his personality he doesn't get from us, but rather came with on his own. He was such a champ and a sweetheart throughout the whole surgery and recovery. I am amazed at how strong he is, and again, I can't stress enough how much it was an answer to prayers. He is sweet and gentle and shy and I'm just so grateful he's ours.