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Craig had a trauma surgery rotation this month so he worked 70-80 hours week. He hasn't had too many time-consuming rotations throughout his internship (which is lucky!), but when he does, it takes a toll on all of us. I just count my lucky stars that he chose dermatology and has no desire to work long hours in the hospital! In true Colorado fashion, the weather went back and forth between sunny and warm to snowy and freezing, and as usual, my moods followed suit. I'm so glad Craig had Sundays off and that we always had our true day of rest together to recharge.

The best part of the month was celebrating Easter. I love this time of year because it always brings me back to my semester in Jerusalem, and each day of Holy Week brings up memories of specific places and experiences. Each year I seem to be stretched and rely on my Savior a little more, and this year in particular I've been especially grateful for the strengthening and enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Lately I've found that the more I surrender to faith in Jesus Christ and His plan for me, the more joy and peace I feel in each day, even at a time in life when our future seems so uncertain.

Max is 21 months old this month. He loved hunting for Easter eggs over and over, even though we filled and refilled them with toys he already owned. He's still obsessed with dinosaurs and the dino museum and can now identify 5 or 6 six types of dinosaurs and their features. The library is easily one of his favorite places, and he always heads straight for the dinosaur section -- he likes the nonfiction dino books way more than the kids ones.

Kristin & Brad came to Denver!

loves to line them all up

dead serious about vacuuming. it is NOT funny when I say time's up.

He has watched too much Cookie Monster lately and likes to say, "COOKIE! OM NOM NOM!" He's getting better at his shapes and colors and likes to play with his new choo choos he got for Easter. Right now it seems like he's just a little sponge, soaking in and learning so many new things so quickly! It's such a fun stage and his personality is really starting to shine. 

loves his daddy so much.
loves daddy's stethoscope