17 months

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Max at 17 months:

- Finally got some more teeth! 12 in total. All four molars came in and now we are just waiting on those canines.
- LOVES his popper and loves to "pop pop" all over the house
- Says "ahhh" whenever he crashes a tower or runs his popper into a wall
- Says YAAAAA while clapping his hands after anytime a song finishes (radio, church hymn, you name it)
- Is becoming more attached to his puppy he sleeps with. He always wants to bring it with him when he gets out of his bed.
- Went through a week-long waking up in the middle of the night phase. Sure glad that's over (probably teething).
- Wants to read Where the Wild Things Are at least 5 times a day and calls it "ooda ooda," since we say "ooga chucka" during the wild rumpus. I love that he loves to read.
- Loves to play with his animal figures
- Needs 100% of my attention 100% of the time. If I catch him playing by himself and try to sneak away to do something else, he notices IMMEDIATELY and drags my little finger back to do whatever he's doing.
- Is SUCH a limit tester. He will straight up ignore me when I tell him not to do something, or he'll just laugh at me and do it anyways
- Loves to rub noses and will scrunch his nose and say "no no" (for noses)
- Took off all of the ornaments on the bottom half of the tree during Christmas time. He LOVED the tree and all of the lights, but could not resist the ornaments. I finally gave up and just left them off.
- Loves doing downward dog and looking between his legs. He can be in the middle of walking somewhere and he'll just stop and put his head on the ground. Hilarious.
- Started running this month and it's the cutest little bowlegged run you've ever seen
- Started using a fork and spoon and the food usually makes it to his mouth!
- Has his own toddler language and I sadly can usually understand it all. Some of my favorites are yee yee for smoothie, day doo for thank you, and uv oo for love you.