January + 18 months

11:17 AM Marcie Parson 1 Comments

Does anyone else feel like January is basically about survival? January is when I start getting over the cold and feeling desperate for the sunshine! This month was Craig's last "elective" rotation month, which means he was gone for two weeks rotating with a derm residency in Kirksville, MO. He was gone right after the holidays when many of our friends were out of town, and it was freezing outside, so I basically shut myself in my house for two weeks. I basically spent every minute that Max was sleeping working, so I had a killer month for Pinners. It was the perfect productive way to spend my time instead of wallowing in seasonal depression/loneliness.

It went by quickly, but I was happy that it was the last time he'd be leaving me this year! When he came back, we had a few date nights, snow days with Max, and even bundled up for a trip to the zoo on a free day! The zoo is absolutely nuts on free days but totally worth it. Plus Max loves it more and more every time.

Max eventually came down with a cold so it seems like we were cooped up for much of the month. I did however have to (single-handedly) plan a daddy-daughter dance for Activity Days, which is frightening to anyone who knows how much planning parties/decorating stresses me out. It turned out great though, and I was so glad to check that off my list for the year.

This was after I had said no.... so naughty.

Max turned 18 months on the 27th. A year and a half! I can't believe it. Our nursery at church was kind enough to let him join at the beginning of the month, and he has done GREAT -- EVERY time! The first time I brought him in there, I stayed for about 30 minutes before I told him goodbye, and he just waved at me and said, "buh bye!" He loves it and has never cried once! It's so fun to peek in on him and look at him learning to sit in a tiny chair during singing time, basically just staring at the adults because what nursery kids actually sing? All three of the leaders are older and PERFECT with little kids. Max is not social whatsoever with other kids, but he loves those leaders and is as happy as a clam to be playing with toys during church and not sitting with mom!

Max started calling Craig "mama" this month, so now we are both mama. I don't know where that came from since he's said dada from the start, but even when we correct him, he'll go back to saying mama. My favorite thing he does right now is ask a question and answer it right away as if he's confirming what he's saying is true. He loves to say, "mama? mama." "dada? dada." or "apple? apple" (for applesauce). He has started to try to say most words now, even if they don't always resemble the actual word. I'm happy he is trying! I can't wait for him to talk more.

He loves to give "noses" (eskimo kisses) and calls them "nono." He learned how to give kisses and says mmmmmma while tapping his head to yours (sometime if you get lucky he'll actually get his lips on your face). He's learning shapes and is getting better at identifying which shape goes into which hole on his shape sorter. He LOVES to build towers with his blocks and crash them as fast as he can! He's really into dinosaurs, books, and his animal figures. He loves to make his animals "stomp stomp stomp," or even give each other noses!

He has also started to pretend to count, which is by far the funniest thing he's taught himself. Out of the blue he has just started to point to things and say, "do, do, do, do, DA!" as if he's counting to five and emphasizing the words just like we do! He "counts" blocks, toys, food, you name it. It is hilarious to hear him counting away -- totally on his own and while no one else is looking.

He also loooooves to "hide and seek" by hiding toys and asking us where they went. He will put something behind his back and lift up his other hand like, "where'd it go?" and then whip the toy out laughing. He's started to hide things under our leather chair while we're watching and do the same thing. He lifts his hands up with this surprised face as if we didn't just watch him shove the toy under the chair. It is his favorite game and thinks it's hilarious every time. He also loves to peek around corners himself and say, "boo!"

He's grown out of all of his 18 month shirts and they are complete belly shirts on him, although he still fits into 18 month pants perfectly. We've moved onto 18-24m/2T shirts and jammies. He's 25.5 lbs and height is questionable since we struggled at the doctor's this month. He has started to hate diaper changes and would rather not wear a diaper at all after a bath. He runs around naked and scratches his bum so hard until we catch him and force a diaper upon him.

He's a riot. Craig said that when he came home from Missouri, Max was a different baby (is he even a baby anymore??), and it's true! He has started to really LOVE playing with us. He loves to wrestle and tickle and dance and build and play catch with us, which is so much fun. 18 months is the best age.